A natural affinity for maths and sciences steered Helen in the direction of a career in Civil Engineering. After completing her B.A.Sc. degree at U.B.C., she worked for a Canadian mining company and aluminium manufacturer for a number of years. It was only recently that Helen decided to acquire a technical writing certificate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. This decision has enabled her to grow as a writer and understand how to write for a web environment.

With increased workplace globalization and the use of the World Wide Web for transmitting and gathering information, it is essential to be effective in communicating through this channel. A good technical writer will make complex and technical information easy to understand. Helen is proficient at helping individuals and companies relay necessary information in a clear and concise way through online documentation.

Helen’s love of children has naturally guided her towards writing educational materials for children aged 3 to 13 years of age. She has the ability to make learning a fun and entertaining experience.

Helen enjoys writing children’s books, creating educational materials, writing manuals, producing software documentation, generating web content, blogging, designing cheerful vector graphics, and much more!

Please email Helen if you have any questions about her work. Thank you for taking the time to get to know her.


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